November 2018 Update

Get recap of all the amazing things God is doing through your generosity thus far:

FAQ #4: (SEND) How can I find more info about/get involved with the Ringwood Campus launch?

We’re praying for a Jesus-loving, excited team of people to be involved as core team members of the Ridgewood Campus. The hope is that we would see 200 or more people committed to advancing the mission in this new launch. 

if you would like to find out more about Ringwood Campus, or if you want to get involved on that pioneering team of people, contact Nate Dorka, the Ringwood Campus Pastor at! 

FAQ #3: (SEND) I see that Nate Dorka and Ryan Denos are both transitioning in their staff roles. What does that mean for student ministry?


Nate and Ryan are both shifting their “seat on the bus,” so to speak. 

Nate Dorka is moving into his role as Campus Pastor of the new Ringwood Campus, and Ryan Denos will be shifting to focus more on the process of planting the new church he will serve as Lead Pastor of. We’re excited with and for both of them!

The transition of both our Middle School and High School Directors does certainly leave a void on our team—and it is a void we are excited to see filled in short order.  

As of today, the brand new position of Student Ministry Director is listed on our site under Employment Opportunities. If you head there, you can see a job description as well as the online application to begin the process of applying for the position. If you or anyone you know may be a good candidate, I would encourage you or them to apply to join our learning, growing, exciting Emergence staff team!

FAQ #2: (SEND) Are we sending out 5 more campuses before 2020? Is that not including the new church?

No! Emergence is sending out 2 more Campuses in addition to Glen Rock, Roxbury, and Totowa. The Ringwood Campus will launch in 2018, followed by another (tbd location) Campus—most likely launching in 2020.  

The new church plant is something completely separate. We will launch Ryan Denos as the Lead Pastor of a brand new church in 2019. While we will support him and the new church in many ways, their operation wil be as an independent church, with their own board, budget, and membership. 

So, in summary, by the end of 2020, by God’s grace, we will have 5 total campuses of Emergence, centered around (and including) the Totowa sending hub Campus. 

FAQ #1: How do I get involved?

"I'm excited about 20/20 Vision! How do I get involved?" 

That's the kind of question that's really fun to answer! The short answer is "what do you mean by that?" 

- if you want to give toward seeing the items in the campaign become a reality, you can (prior to October 22, 2017) fill out a commitment card and bring it with you along with the first gift on Commitment Sunday, Oct 22! 

- if you're wondering how to be a part of the Ringwood Launch, you'll hear more about that in the next few weeks. For now, mark October 1st on your calendar. It's our first info session for Ringwood. It'll be held in Totowa at 1pm.  

- if you want to be a part of the new church plant we'll be sending out, headed up by Ryan Denos, you'll hear more about that toward the end of 2018. Currently, that plant is slated for launch in Fall of 2019.  

- if you would like to be a part of the internship program, it will take a while for it to be started. Check back with us in 2018. The counseling center is slated to begin toward 2019/2020 as well.  

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to send them to! 


You've made it to the home of 20/20 VISION online! 

If you keep an eye on this blog, you'll get all the updates to the progress on the campaign. So, bookmark, subscribe, and all that good stuff. As God moves, we will move our fingers on the keyboard to let you know! 

In the meantime, pray for October 22nd and what involvement you may have in seeing this vision become reality!