FAQ #2: (SEND) Are we sending out 5 more campuses before 2020? Is that not including the new church?

No! Emergence is sending out 2 more Campuses in addition to Glen Rock, Roxbury, and Totowa. The Ringwood Campus will launch in 2018, followed by another (tbd location) Campus—most likely launching in 2020.  

The new church plant is something completely separate. We will launch Ryan Denos as the Lead Pastor of a brand new church in 2019. While we will support him and the new church in many ways, their operation wil be as an independent church, with their own board, budget, and membership. 

So, in summary, by the end of 2020, by God’s grace, we will have 5 total campuses of Emergence, centered around (and including) the Totowa sending hub Campus.